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Here's the info on my Research or Publications, and a the snapshot of my work is below. Have fun!

Some recent work

Plant Circadian Ecology

Did you know plants within an ecosystems act in sync? We're showing how internal rhythms provide plants the capacity to anticipate environmental changes, increase fitness, and synchronize metabolism in entire ecosystems. Check out this cool commentary .


We know that fires burn only when forests are dry but, how dry do they need to be? We have developed the first models to predict moisture in fine litter across landscapes and have developed the moisture thresholds on probability of fire occurrence across bioregions.

Tree breeding

So, what was a species again? We've been synthesizing information on processes that are under genetic control to help breeding in selecting varieties that will grow best and will need less water . Check out this cool commentary. We need to increase wood production to decrease plastic dependency.

Eddy covariance

I've been lucky enough to have been involved in Ozflux, as lead PI for the Cumberland Plains site near Sydney. We'll have a few papers coming up shortly. In the mean time, check out this introduction.